Experience the best of Auckland's doorstep. You ride beneath the Auckland Harbour Bridge & enjoy views from the Waitemata Harbour where we find calm water & learn how best to enjoy your jetski. 

Duration: 1h

Single: $199  Double: $225



Take on the Waitemata!

 Experience the epic ride from the Harbour Bridge to  Greenhithe Bridge. We pass Volcanic reefs, Hobsonville Point, Navy bases & explore the upper harbour with plenty of wide open space to enjoy your jetski. 

Duration: 1.5h

Single: $250  Double: $275


The Gulf tour has it all.
Experience the very best of Auckland's Hauraki Marine Park stopping at Island Nature Sanctuaries & Tidal Sand Bars.

Duration: 4h

Single: $499    Double:$550

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It's time to tick off that "Wish-list" adventure. 
Ride from Downtown Auckland City to Waiheke Island & enjoy time to explore Oneroa Beach.

Duration: 4.5h

Single: $499    Double:$550

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Wanting a new experience for your family, team or business?

With capacity for up to 10 people, pick one of our tours or get in touch for a custom journey off the beaten track.

The perfect way to enjoy time together in a positive, social & entertaining way.

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