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Discover Auckland's unique harbour asset all within viewing distance of downtown Auckland City. This tour will have you experience the unforgettable feeling of riding beneath the Auckland Harbour Bridge with a photo to remember it by. Then, we find ourselves a calm part of the harbour to enjoy the jetskis themselves. 
Perfect for a first time rider or those looking for a quick, fast blast on our Wave Runner Jetskis. 
Duration - 1 hour



This journey stays within the harbour limits enjoying views of downtown Auckland city & riding beneath the harbour bridge. Within minutes we pass million dollar, Herne Bay mansions & Chelsea Sugar Works making our way north towards the upper harbour region. This tour includes long, straight, high-speed runs with enough time to find come calm water & really enjoy the Wave Runner Jetskis. 
Perfect for any riding experience who wish to take on the epic 'Bridge-to-Bridge' journey. 

Duration - 1.5 hours



Designed to experience the very best of Auckland 's inner Hauraki Marine Park, your guide takes you to arguably the best islands around. Motuihe Island provides white sand beach backdrops with time for a swim & views out into the Pacific Ocean. Follow Rangitoto Island's 600 year old volcanic coastline riding past the iconic Rangitoto baches with a stop at the jaw-dropping Rangitoto Sand Bar for true, 360 degree views of Volcano Peaks & City Skyline. An action packed trip guaranteed to be good for the soul. 
Duration - 3.5 hours

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It's time to tick off "the dream" of riding your very own jetski to the sanctuary of Waiheke Island.

This is an express ride to Oneroa Beach where we land and sink our toes into the sand of this world famous island destination. From here you have 1 hour for self exploration of Oneroa beach. Enough time for a swim, sunbathe or a bite to eat! Once you've enjoyed Waiheke's visitor hotspot, we jump back on our jetski's for a scenic ride back enjoying the approach to Auckland City.
Duration - 3.5 Hours



The Waitemata Harbour shows a different side once the sun goes down & the city lights begin to wake. You will pilot your own jetskis across the face of downtown Auckland, beneath the Harbour Bridge & along the cliff top mansions of Herne Bay. We then regroup & experience the setting sun as it lowers in the west and shines back on the City Skyline.


Heading home, we navigate the waters at dusk, with The Harbour Bridge Lights in full effect. A truely magical ride & unique experience only found at Sea Auckland. 

These tours have a maximum 2 jet ski limit to ensure safety.

Duration - 1 Hour


General Info:

  • All jetski trips are under the supervision of Sea Auckland guides.

  • No experience is necessary.

  • 1 or 2 riders per ski - 200kg maximum combined weight (strictly enforced).

  • A brief yet detailed operational & safety lesson is provided before you depart.

  • All durations include a practice ride for guide to ensure you are comfortable & confident.

  • Minimum age to drive jetski is 16 years old.

  • Minimum age to be a passenger is 8 years old with legal guardian. 

  • Waterproof spray tops available for hire $20 each. 

  • Auckland's marine environment is a dynamic place. All trips are subject to weather conditions and should the weather change when on the tour, your guide has the right to alter any routes, times or destinations. This is for the safety of all involved & to ensure maximum enjoyment. 

FAQ's + Terms & Conditions Here

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