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About Sea Aucklan

Sea Auckand's Purpose

We enjoy the water & want you to aswell.

We saw an opportunity to provide visitors & kiwi's the unique chance to blend the boundaries of recreational adventure & environmentally conscious tourism. 

The Auckland harbour is complex with reefs, rocks, speed zones & rules of the sea. By providing guided jet ski adventures, we ensure you maximise your riding time without needing to worry "Where am I now?"

Sea Auckland's promise to you is our adventures provide you with the best value for money when it comes to exploring the Waitemata Harbour & Hauraki Gulf.

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Working with nature, as nature is why we exist.

By practising kaitiakitanga (guardianship), we bring people into the natural environment to witness its beauty, leaving & taking nothing but memories, photos & appreciation. 

We are visitors to The Waitemata Harbour & Hauraki Gulf, and wish to advocate for their importance by bringing you to witness them.

Our fleet of modern Wave Runner Jet Ski's allow efficient, low impact enjoyment, whilst our Bayswater Marina location, limits our use of precious time, energy & resources.



Thornton - Lead Guide & Company Owner.

Auckland City born & bred, Thornton's desire is for everyone to experience the water.

"I've been lucky to enjoy the water for most of my life.
We've always lived closed to the sea & kept a garage full of items to get us in, on or under the water. I eventually purchased my first jet ski at age 14 & had to get mum and dad to tow it to the beach on the weekend!"

With a degree in Ecology, Biodiversity & Marine Biology & following careers in Transport, Sales, Property, Tourism & Hospitality, Thornton began the steps to launch Sea Auckland in 2019. 

"It's all about getting people outdoors, into the wild & experiencing life for themselves.
Sea Auckland is committed to offering a safe, affordable, sustainable & fun adventure within our own waterways. It's exploration that anyone can enjoy."

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