Simply put, we want you to see Auckland, our home, and love all that it has to offer. 

Sea Auckland allows you to do this by providing safe, fun & low impact watercraft. Our promise to you - there is no better way to get outside, on the water & enjoy the moment.

Through doing so, we hope that you and your crew will fall in love with the sea, land, and all the life that is supported by it. 

The more humans we get into the Hauraki Marine Park, the more that can advocate for its beauty and importance to New Zealand as a whole. 


Our business relies on the environment & its ecosystems being in a healthy, strong & welcoming state.

We are visitors to the park and like going to your grandparents home, if you mess it up, you won't be welcomed back.

By locating ourselves in Bayswater Marina, we can eliminate the regular use of a vehicle, towing Wave Runners, burning fuel and using up resources before we even hit the water. Our floating docks mean our WaveRunners require no toxic anti-foul that falls off overtime.

Wave Runners with their small size, low weight & efficient engines, when compared to larger marine craft, use less fuel, allowing you to explore more quickly, produce less wake, lowering disturbance of the shore line, and allow scalability so we only use what we need for the guests we have. ​


Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Per Wave Runner?

We allow 2 people per Wave Runner, or you wish for two smaller people with one bigger one. It's all about being stable, safe, and therefore having fun. The maximum allowed combined weight of passangers is 200kg and is enforced to ensure stability and enjoyment.

Is There A Bond To Pay?

Sea Auckland does Jet Ski Hire & Tours differently. We have chosen not to charge a bond as we understand how this can make an amazing experience become unaffordable for many. Sea Auckland is here to look after you, and we hope you inturn look after our Wave Runners. If you're hoping to bump and crash our Wave Runners for your own enjoyment, may we recommend a Theme Park instead or another hire & tour operator where bond payments are required.

Are There Rules To Follow When Riding A Jetski?

The rules of the sea are fairly simple. • 8km/h when 50m from another vessel/person and/or 200m from shore • Stay clear of the Devonport Navy Base & Ports of Auckland/Ferry terminal areas • 22km/h speed limit from Harbour Bridge to North Head (take it easy in the harbour, there is plenty to see and admire) Please arrive 30 minutes before your booking to ensure you have enough time to complete our safety briefing. More information about the Waitemata Harbour can be found here: https://at.govt.nz/media/1980462/auckland-harbour-restricted-areas-october-2018.pdf

What Should I Wear & Bring For Riding The Wave Runners?

Wave Runners are fast, nimble & exciting to ride. This will ensure that you will get wet! Please bring comfortable, quick dry clothing & a waterproof jacket just in case. If you have a wetsuit, that is perfect. Bring it along, you won't regret it! Please bring a mobile phone - we supply one waterproof case per Wave Runner. Plus, your ID for our records. You are welcome to bring a water bottle, packed food and anything extra you want should you be hiring for half or full day. But pack light as storage is limited. No shoes are to be worn on the Wave Runners & no demin or thick clothing is permitted.

How Old Must I Be To Drive The Jetski?

Age limits no one...... except if you're under 18, then you can't drive. But you can be the navigator to those 18 years and older. No one under the age of 8 is allowed as passenger.

Are Life Jackets Provided?

Absolutely! We provide life jackets, VHF radios, phone case (1 per Wave Runner), an anchor, GPS + all the safety equipment to ensure you're looked after. You and your crew will receive a full safety briefing before hitting the water. If you're staying safe, you will have fun.

Can We Use The Wave Runner For Fishing?

No. None of our Waverunners are set up or able to be used for fishing. We don't wish to take anything from the Hauraki Marine Park other than lifelong memories and an appreciation for all things in it.

What Are The Added Fees When Booking Online?

We have chosen to use a booking service provider to make booking on your own as easy, seamless & trustworthy as possible. The service is Fareharbor and they charge a fee to book online through their system. If you wish to save on this fee, you may contact us directly, or you may proceed through the checkout and have your spot to ride a Wave Runner confirmed instantly.

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Ride?

All day, every day is the answer. However there are some generalised differences between morning, midday & afternoon. Morning: 8am - 12pm
This is usually the calmest part of the day. Winds are low and the harbour can resemble a lake. Midday: 11am - 4pm During the warmest part of the day, winds tend to pick up as the surface of the water also warms up. Combined with increased boat traffic, especially on the weekends, this can mean conditions become more rough. Afternoon: 4pm - Closing With the winds settling back down & boats heading home for the day, the afternoon brings a unique feeling whilst still out on the water. The city is hit with a beautiful setting sun whilst you feel a real sense of achievement for getting the very most out of your day.

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