Sea Auckand's Purpose

Simply put, we want you to see Auckland, our home, and love all that it has to offer. 

Sea Auckland allows you to do this by providing safe, fun & low impact watercraft. Our promise to you - there is no better way to get outside, on the water & enjoy the moment.

Through doing so, we hope that you and your crew will fall in love with the sea, land, and all the life that is supported by it. 

We enjoy introducing people to the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park & the more we can introduce, means the more that can advocate for its beauty and importance to New Zealand as a whole. 

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Sea Auckland is here to change business within our local marine environment.

By practising kaitiakitanga (guardianship), we bring people into the natural environment to witness it's beauty, leaving & taking nothing but memories, photos & appreciation. 

We are visitors to the park and like going to your grandparents home, if you mess it up, you won't be welcomed back.

By locating ourselves in Bayswater Marina, we can eliminate the regular use of a vehicle, towing Wave Runners, burning fuel and using up resources before we even hit the water. Our floating docks mean our WaveRunners require no toxic anti-foul that falls off overtime.

Wave Runners with their small size, low weight & efficient engines, when compared to larger marine craft, use less fuel, allowing you to explore more quickly, produce less wake, lowering disturbance of the shore line, and allow scalability so we only use what we need for the guests we have.


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