Sea Auckand's Purpose

Simply put, we want you to see Auckland, our home, and love all that it has to offer. 

Sea Auckland allows you to do this by providing safe, fun & low impact watercraft. Our promise to you - there is no better way to get outside, on the water & enjoy the moment.

Through doing so, we hope that you and your crew will fall in love with the sea, land, and all the life that is supported by it. 

We enjoy introducing people to the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park & the more we can introduce, means the more that can advocate for its beauty and importance to New Zealand as a whole. 

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Sea Auckland is here to change business within our local marine environment.

By practising kaitiakitanga (guardianship), we bring people into the natural environment to witness it's beauty, leaving & taking nothing but memories, photos & appreciation. 

We are visitors to the park and like going to your grandparents home, if you mess it up, you won't be welcomed back.

By locating ourselves in Bayswater Marina, we can eliminate the regular use of a vehicle, towing Wave Runners, burning fuel and using up resources before we even hit the water. Our floating docks mean our WaveRunners require no toxic anti-foul that falls off overtime.

Wave Runners with their small size, low weight & efficient engines, when compared to larger marine craft, use less fuel, allowing you to explore more quickly, produce less wake, lowering disturbance of the shore line, and allow scalability so we only use what we need for the guests we have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Per Wave Runner?

We allow 2 people per Wave Runner. It's all about being stable, safe, and therefore having fun. The maximum allowed combined weight of passangers is 180kg and is enforced to ensure stability and enjoyment.

Are Advanced Bookings Required?

Advanced bookings are required to ensure you secure your seat. Any bookings over the value of $500 only requires a 50% deposit to secure your spot with the remainder charged on the day.

Are There Rules To Follow When Riding A Jetski?

Like the road, there are rules of the sea. That being said, you're joining a tour & by doing so, your guide makes sure you stay safe, out of trouble & maximising all the speed zones possible. The rules of the sea are fairly simple. • 8km/h when 50m from another vessel/person and/or 200m from shore • Stay clear of the Devonport Navy Base & Ports of Auckland/Ferry terminal areas • 22km/h speed limit from Harbour Bridge to North Head (take it easy in the harbour, there is plenty to see and admire)

What Should I Wear & Are There Changing Rooms?

Wave Runners are fast, nimble & exciting to ride. This will ensure that you will get wet! Please bring comfortable & quick dry clothing. If you have a wetsuit, that is perfect. Bring it along, you won't regret it! Weatherproof jackets are provided on Waiheke & Gulf tours and available for hire on Harbour tour. There are public toilet facilities between our docks and the carpark, so please be ready in your kit before you make it down the wharf.

How Old Must I Be To Drive The Jetski?

Age limits no one...... except if you're under 18, then you cannot drive. But you can be the navigator to those 18 years and older. The minimum age to be a passanger is 14 years old.

Can Sea Auckland Provide Fishing Trips?

No. None of our Waverunners are set up or able to be used for fishing. We don't wish to take anything from the Hauraki Marine Park other than lifelong memories and an appreciation for all things in it.

Where Is Sea Auckland Located?

All tours depart our floating docks within Bayswater Marina on the northern side of Auckland's Waitemata Harbour (20 minute drive north of Auckland CBD). Free parking is available outside marina boundaries (500m walk), or secure paid parking within (200m walk).

Why Jetski Trips & Not Hire?

Sea Auckland Jetski Trips are the best way for you to see parts of Auckland you may have never seen before & an experience you will remember forever. Consider Sea Auckland trips more as accompanied rides ensuring you see the very best of Auckland's water ways + keep away from rocks, reefs & stay within the rules of the sea. Your guide will navigate the group through the busy port of Auckland City + customise every trip to work best with the days tide & wind. We promise it's better than just jetski hire!

Which Jetski's Models Are Provided?

Sea Auckland has built the most user friendly, safe, efficient & enjoyable jetski fleet consisting of Yamaha Ex WaveRunners with inflatable stability collars. The EX WaveRunners are simple & easy to use yet fun to ride fast in a straightline & in the turns. We have installed inflatable ski collars used by Big Wave Surf teams in Hawaii to provide extra stability & comfort for the best riding expereince available.

Can Weather Affect The Trips?

Absolutely. The weather is something we cannot control & we must work with it. Sea Auckland will operate & your trip will go ahead, unless the weather poses a risk to you, our staff & our equipment. Trips can be cancelled last minute due to sudden changes in weather conditions & trips can be modified during to work with such shifts in the weather. Use our "Weather" button on the Sea Auckland website to book the best forecasted days. The beautiful thing about Auckland's Waitemata Harbour & Hauraki Gulf is no matter the weather, there are always sheltered pockets to find & discover

What Is Sea Auckland's Covid-19 Operating Restrictions?

Sea Auckland is required to operate within the Covid-19 Traffic Light System. All Sea Auckland staff are fully vaccinated & will continue to keep up with The Ministry of Healths Vaccination Programme. We are an inclusive business & welcome everyone regardless of their vaccination status. To enjoy our jetski rides & to keep within the health guidelines, unvaccinated customers are required to book a "Private Tour" where all guests are known to them & therefore cannot join a tour with people unknown to them. Please let our team know your situation so we can accomodate you to ensure you can have a great experience & we can continue to provide inclusive, safe, enjoyable & accessible activities.

Group Tours vs Private Tours?

We have capacity for up to 10 people across 5 Wave Runner Jetskis & will be open to different group bookings until that capacity is reached. Therefore, these are shared experience with other you may not have met before meaning driving abilities that may differ from yours. Our tours move at a pace that leaves no one behind so if you are looking for a gauranteed fast riding experience, we can recommended booking all the spots out with those you know can keep up. We are a sightseeing & safe experience company. If you want a basic jetski hire, then there are other businesses more suited for this. Enjoy their crafts...


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